Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Watching the First XAML Presentation

I read a couple of Chris Sells's articles on Longhorn two years ago, but I never had chance to watch presentations on Avalon and try Avalon myself. Gary Fuhr gave a presentation on XAML yesterday at .NET Developers Association. WPF is cool! It seems to me that it's not hard for an experienced WinForm developer to work with WPF.

Many Windows developers like me are not good at graphic design. We spent most of our time on how to wire things up using frameworks provided by Microsoft. WPF provides much more ways to create much cooler graphics and graphic design is tougher than before. We (Windows developers) really need an easy-to-use graphic design tool to help us. After done with graphic design using the tool, the tool should be able to export XAML for us to use in VS .NET.


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