Friday, June 01, 2007

GC Performance Counters

The .NET Memory performance counters are updated only when a collection occurs; they are not updated according to the sampling rate used in the Performance Monitor application.

The % Time in GC indicates the percentage of time spent in the GC since the end of the last collection. If you see a really high value (say 50 percent or more), then you should look at what is going on inside the managed heap. If, instead, % Time in GC does not go above 10 percent, it usually is not worth spending time trying to reduce the time the GC spends in collections because the benefits will be marginal.

If you think your application is spending too much time performing garbage collections, the next performance counter to check is Allocated Bytes/sec. This shows the allocation rate. Unfortunately, this counter is not highly accurate when the allocation rate is very low. The counter may indicate 0 bytes/sec if the sampling frequency is higher than the collection frequency since the counter is only updated at the beginning of each collection. This does not mean there were no allocations; rather, the counter was not updated because no collection happened in that particular interval.

If you suspect that you are allocating a lot of large objects (85,000 bytes or bigger), check the Large Object Heap (LOH) size. This is updated at the same time as Allocated Bytes/sec.

A high allocation rate can cause a lot of collection work and as a result might be reflected in a high % Time in GC. A mitigating factor is if objects usually die young, since they will typically be collected during a Gen 0 collection. To determine how object lifecycles impact collection, check the performance counters for Gen collections: # Gen 0 Collections, # Gen 1 Collections, and # Gen 2 Collections. These show the number of collections that have occurred for the respective generation since the process started. Gen 0 and Gen 1 collections are usually cheap, so they don't have a big impact on the application's performance.

As a rule of thumb, a healthy ratio between generation collections is one Gen 2 collection for every ten Gen 1 collections. If you are seeing a lot of time spent in garbage collection, it could be that Gen 2 collections are being done too often.

You may find that % Time in GC is high but the allocation rate is not high. This can happen if many of the objects you allocate survive garbage collection and are promoted to the next generation. The promotion counters—Promoted Memory from Gen 0 and Promoted Memory from Gen 1—can tell you if the promotion rate is an issue. You want to avoid a high promotion rate from Gen 1.

High values for the Gen 1 and Gen 2 heap sizes are usually associated with high values in the promotion rate counters. You can check the GC heap sizes by using Gen 1 heap size and Gen 2 heap size. There is a Gen 0 heap size counter, but it doesn't measure Gen 0 size. Instead, it indicates the budget of Gen 0—meaning how much you can allocate in Gen 0 before the next Gen 0 collection will be triggered.

In all scenarios where you use a lot of objects that need finalization—for instance, objects that rely on COM components for some processing—you can take a look at the Promoted Finalization-Memory from Gen 0 counter. This tells you the amount of memory that cannot be reused because the objects that use the memory need to be added to the finalization queue and therefore cannot be collected immediately. IDisposable and the using statements in C# and Visual Basic® can help reduce the number of objects that end up in the finalization queue, thus reducing the associated cost.

It's also worth checking if the application is inducing too many collections. The # Induced GC counter tells you how many collections have been induced since the process started. In general it is not recommended that you induce GC collections. In most cases, if # Induced GC indicates a high number, you should consider it a bug. Most of the time people induce GCs in hopes of cutting down the heap size, but this is almost never a good idea. Instead, you should find out why your heap is growing.

Adopted from CLR Inside Out: Investigating Memory Issues by Claudio Caldato and Maoni Stephens.


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